The Travelling Parsi

Educating the reader that Parsis do exist beyond Freddie Mercury and Zubin Mehta (yes, yes, sighs and swoons all around) The Travelling Parsi speaks of colliding worlds, delicious food and the hubris of 102 year-old dowager aunts with scandalous love lives.

The Unbelievable Parsiness of Things (with apologies to Milan Kundera) comes from being born a Parsi, knowing Parsis and passing on the Parsiness.

The protagonist leading the narrative through these short stories, is a nine year-old smarty pants Parsi girl. It is through her eyes that the reader is informed about the Parsi community, that is spread globally but mainly concentrated in Bombay. Annoyed that even the Internet tries to correct the word ‘Parsi’ to Paris, she begins to tell the world why the Parsis should be known, understood and remembered.

Enjoy it, love it, hate it, ridicule it but don’t ignore it. They’re a dying breed. Please help pollinate.

The book was an accidental baby. But being pro-choice (for books, at any rate) the author would not abort it, and raised it with love, satire and laughter. When the book was ready, it was sent off into the big bad world, where it is currently battling demons, sex fiends, annoying teenagers, vacuous celebrities, genuine geniuses, book-haters and book aficionados. Please help the baby.

You can download an extract of The Travelling Parsi here.

Kamal F. Sunavala is a writer based physically in Singapore and Dubai but mentally in Prague, Bombay, London or any aesthetic book cafe with good coffee. She lives with her partner (business and personal; isn’t that convenient), his perfume collection and her book collection.

She began as a writer and hopefully, will end as one. In between she’s been a lawyer, teacher, actress, director, content strategist (whatever that pretentious nonsense means), traveller and coffee connoisseur. At one time, she held the prestigious position of being the only Parsi living in Prague.

The Travelling Parsi is her third book.

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